The Experience

It's unbelievable at times... but things that seem impossible to us are possible with God.


The Experience

It's unbelievable at times... but things that seem impossible to us are possible with God.


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We will be closed November 23 & 24 for the holiday.  Please join us on the 25th for our Maker's Market 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM!


Please note that while we strive to be open in spite of the severe weather, there may be evenings we close early in order to get our volunteers safely home.

Why a Patio? -

an update from Executive Director,          Martin Johnson

So, why is it that we are spending so much time and so many resources to build the patio extension onto Fresh Grounds? Although there seems to be an overall approval of how this will be a cool addition aesthetically, I think there is confusion as to how there could be any benefit to the ministry of Fresh Grounds. And I think that if I were giving my hard earned money to support a ministry, I would want to be assured that my money would be used to help minister. We at Downtown Ministries do want to be stewards with all that God gives us. And I believe that we are doing that with the creation of the patio.

1.  God has a purpose:

Sometime during the first year (first of three and a half) of constructing Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse, I mentioned to Martha that if the building next door ever went up for sale we should buy it and turn it into a patio. I’m not sure where the idea came from, it just stuck with me. Seven, eight years later, when the building was going up for auction I began to set feelers to determine whether it was an idea I created or one that God placed in me. One day as we were outside looking over the building, determining whether or not it could be safely torn down, a supporter of Downtown Ministries approached inquiring as to what we doing. When we explained he responded with, “Exactly, Fresh Grounds should buy this building. My wife and I are in it for $10,000. Telling that story to another supporter garnered another $5,000. By auction day, without ever “fundraising”, I had exactly $20,000 promised. The building sold for $19,700. When you compare this to how God brought together the resources to buy our original building and fund construction of the coffeehouse and art gallery, they are very similar. Our door was opened and we believe doors don’t open randomly, without purpose. For some reason God wants a patio.


2.  The patio as an entrance in:

As we began to brainstorm how a patio will affect our ministry two points seemed to surface. The first is that the patio will provide a less intimidating atmosphere for some who are tentative about being a part of Fresh Grounds. There are those who fear that going to Fresh Grounds will expose them to lifestyle condemnation and judging and all sorts of Christians banging them on their heads with Bibles. I’m serious about this, because I’ve heard the stories from those who thought this way before they were dragged in by their friends and then realized their fears were unfounded. The building, the comforts and relaxing atmosphere, the great coffee and pastries, these have always been the bait that draws people in that allows us to begin to develop relationships. That is our ministry, get to know them, tell them about Christ. The patio will be a more lax atmosphere that will make the initial encounter to be approachable for those who are skeptical of our intentions, thus opening doors for new relationship to develop.


3.  The patio as a doorway out:

The last point is that the patio symbolizes outreach. The coffeehouse invites the community to come and join us in community. Come be a part of what God is doing here. The patio takes that outside our walls. I believe this proactive move, in part, is where our focus needs to be. Fresh Grounds has developed a good reputation in town. Greenville likes and accepts us, and knows we are a Christian organization. I believe the time is right to be even more intentional about who we are and who we live for. The patio represents this. We bust a hole in the coffeehouse wall and we walk out into our town.


So, we continue with our project, with full confidence that this is the right thing to do. We are aware of God’s provision in resources and financials. We see the beauty of our labors beginning to take shape. It’s has been quite the long road from the beginning of the building deconstruction.


We look for some of you to jump into the project and help get to the finish line.


Thank you for your ear...

Marty Johnson

Fresh Grounds in a nutshell

In order to flesh out this vision, Marty Johnson the director of Fresh Grounds has stated that this
must be “a ministry that happens to be a coffeehouse, not a coffeehouse that happens to be a
ministry”. Our sign refers to “caffeine for the soul”. In order to start your day off right, we
provide a friendly smile along with your drink. Our desire is to wake you from slumber with a
great espresso and help you to find “living water so that you will never thirst again”. 

As a relaxed welcoming environment where you can stop by to enjoy your favorite beverage, we offer a venue that is accepting yet potentially challenging. This is a place where customers
engage one another in nurturing relationships, and where you might find activities that are
foreign to the local watering hole. Maybe you are just looking for engaging conversation. We
will take the time to listen and if you like, pray with you. 

Open Wednesday through Saturday, we cater to all tastes. We provide specialty coffees, 
luscious lattes, mochas, espresso, hot chocolate, and smoothies in amazing variety. We have
boutique carbonated beverages, bagels, biscotti, baked sweets, brownies, cakes, quiche, soups and sandwiches. We also provide seasonal specials to invigorate your imagination as well as your palette. 

We offer something special for all ages and tastes by sponsoring distinct community events. 
Through our encouragement of the arts, people can experience cultural diversity from poetry
readings to art exhibitions as well as live music of many genres. We want to provide a wide
cross section of community expressions. We are family-oriented with an area designed
specifically for children to enjoy and various board games for kids of all ages. 

How do we establish success? We’re not sure, but we prepare every drink with love for you to
enjoy, with the hope that we can whet your appetite for the love that has changed our hearts. We know that the fields are “White unto harvest” and that these are truly “Fresh Grounds”. 



Best coffee this side of the Mississippi


Best coffee this side of the Mississippi


Desire to Serve

Our volunteers clocked in over 22,000 hours in 2014 alone!

Desire to Serve

Our volunteers clocked in over 22,000 hours in 2014 alone!

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