“Jennifer,” came to us looking for an alternative to a life with little more direction than walking around downtown “hanging out” with others, aimless like herself.  We have talked to her about how the Health Ministry and Fresh Grounds could benefit her situation.  She has been spending time with staff and is eager to offer to help us as she watches us work, even though she has no position here yet.  She seems to be soaking up the warmth (and the hot chocolate) that has been extended to her.  We know it is Christ reflected here that calls her; it is our hope that she will realize that too.

Jennifer has endured abusive relationships, lost custody of her child, and, from what we can ascertain, has no stable place to call home.  We are actively praying for her and have begun to search out ways to help her feel safe and loved.  We will be sharing the gospel with her as we attempt to integrate her into the community that is Fresh Grounds.

For Downtown Ministries, the last 20 years has been a story of faith and transformation, of redemption and grace in our community.  We want to see that story continue for generations to come.  Our endowment fund can greatly help us in that effort.

Proverbs 30:24-26 talks of the wise ant who stores in the summer for the cold days ahead.  At DTM we have always trusted God to provide financially and, honestly, we are taking measures so we never forget that it is by His Hand that we are functioning.  Yet we do believe there is wisdom in preparing for the potential “famines” that can come in an uncertain economy.  Having a viable endowment, from which we can draw interest, is a tool to providing stability for the future.

Our endowment fund allows us to accept many forms of donations including inheritance, real estate, life insurance and monetary gifts.  When you partner with us, you can choose to donate to the general fund or to the branch of ministry that most appeals to you. Our team would love to talk to you about this project, even if you just need us to answer some questions.

There is no telling how Jennifer’s story will end, but we are certain that God wants us to extend ourselves to this soul created in His image.  Whether or not she comes to Christ is not ours to decide, but we have a responsibility to share the truth that is the Word of God.  Someday Jennifer’s children, your grandchildren, the next generation, will need to hear the gospel story.  It is our desire to be stewards today for tomorrow’s hope. 

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