Any review considering them should, at this point in the band's existence, note that Ledges is easily one of the most underrated bands in America. The band is a mixture of raw talent and deep, holy emotion.

Hailing from the Cuyahoga Falls, OH area, this "ambient/alternative" 5-piece sports a sound in the vein of your local indie/alternative band, such as From Indian Lakes, and draws influences from varied worship groups like David Crowder and Kings Kaleidoscope and modern mainstream rock acts like U2 and Switchfoot. This colorful myriad of sounds is overlaid by a thick layer of unique, ambient instrumental parts.

All of this talent is brought home by the passion brought forth in the vocals. All the songs are sung with an intensity that rivals most screamo bands but without the "growly-ness". This reflects the fact that the members of Ledges put their hearts, as well as their talent, into their music. This is a rare occurrence in the modern music industry. It is certainly delightful in this case.

The band only plays together in the summer due to college, so you can't see them until next year. Don't fear, however! You can still pick-up the 4-song EP "The Indian Summer" at their website! I recommend seeing them if you have the chance.