April Kneirman began Keystone Bibles in 1997 with prayer for Keystone, a local charter school.  Prayer transformed into the idea of giving a gift-wrapped Bible to each graduating senior.

By the second year, the senior class at Keystone had doubled and so had the price for Bibles.  It was a tall order but, as April and friends prayed, God supplied enough for every Bible. That year as April presented the Bibles to the senior class one young man was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with this gift. April felt a great burden for him and called upon her prayer partners. By the next day he had a complete change of heart. He went to the school office to ask if it was possible to have his Bible. Of course, his Bible was there waiting for him.

Keystone Bibles has given 1,000 Bibles to graduating seniors over the past sixteen years.  Recently, Keystone Bibles began purchasing Bibles in local international students’ native language.

Each year comes with new challenges, but God continues to provide as His Word is faithfully wrapped and placed into the hands of young people just beginning their adult lives.

his bible was there waiting for him.jpg