A guide to enjoying Sans MOCO with the younger child

Art is a gift from God to be enjoyed by people of all ages.  An art gallery is a wonderful place to teach children to appreciate the creativity and wonder associated with another person’s artistic expression.

In order to protect our artist’s creations and to allow all visitors to enjoy the gallery space, we ask that you use the following guidelines as you visit Sana MOCO with a child.

Pick up a brochure that explains the art and a little about the artist.  This will help you discuss the exhibit with your child.

Ask your child questions about the art.  Some suggestions are:

  • What about this piece stands out to you?  
  • Do you like any of the colors the artist chose?  
  • What materials do you think were used to create the piece?  
  • Can you imagine a story that the artist might be trying to tell?  
  • Does this piece make you feel  happy?  Cold?  Excited?  Etc.
  • Is there a piece in this exhibit that you enjoy the most?

Never, under any circumstance, allow your child touch another person’s work unless you are invited to do so.  No matter what the piece is made of.

The gallery is a big space but running is never appropriate.


We hope that you and your child will be blessed by the efforts of the Sans MOCO staff and artists.  

Please feel free to ask questions as you explore our exhibit today.