Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse and Sans MOCO Art Gallery & Atelier

2nd Annual Gingerbread House Display and Competition

Registration Deadline: November 12th

Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse and Sans MOCO Art Studio invite you to get creative and participate in their 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Display and Competition by building your own edible house!  All houses will be on display at Fresh Grounds and Sans MOCO Art Gallery from December 3rd through noon on December 22nd. 
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: 

  • Family  
  • Individual:  Adult (18+)  
  • Individual:  High School (12-17 yrs)  
  • Business  
  • Organization (Adult 18+)  
  • Organization (Children) 
  • Child (Ages 8-11 yrs) 

Houses must be constructed of edible materials.   Registration must be received by November 12th.  All entries must adhere strictly to the guidelines or they will not be eligible for display and awards.  There is no charge for entry. 
It is our hope that you will celebrate the holidays with us and with our community.  We are excited about this event and believe it will be a great way for you to showcase your business or group. 
Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse and Sans MOCO Art Gallery & Atelier
172 Main Street
Greenville, PA  16125

General Information and Delivery Dates  
Entry forms can be picked up at Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse or can be submitted onlineEntry forms must be submitted no later than November 12th to allow us to prepare our space for the display. 
Gingerbread Houses must be delivered to Fresh Grounds on Saturday, November 26th, 5:00PM-9:30PM or Tuesday, November 29t,h 10:00AM-1:00PM.  No late deliveries will be accepted. 
Three judges will be selected from the community.  Judging will take place soon after the exhibit opens; winners will be notified and posted on our website.  Judges will consider the following elements: o Creativity  o Precision o Overall Appearance o Difficulty The adherence to guidelines and soundness of structure will also be considered during judging.  Please remember that judging is subjective. 
Houses must remain on display until our pick-up days December 22nd, 12:00PM-3:00PM and December 23rd, 7AM-7PM.  All houses remaining at the end of the day on December 23rd will be disposed of. 


Bases must be sturdy (heavy cardboard, foam core or wood).   If you choose to use cardboard, cover the base with aluminum foil to prevent moisture leaking through.  Consider the weight your structure will have when choosing a base material. 

Due to our limited space, we will only accept entries that adhere to our requirements.  Bases must not exceed 15”x 15”.  Bases may not extend beyond approximately 6” beyond the perimeter of the primary structure.  Displays with large yard areas beyond the primary structure will not be accommodated.

Structures cannot exceed two feet in height.  We recommend that you concentrate on a structure rather than a scene with many small pieces.  Single structures will be more easily viewed by the public.  Due to the longevity of the display, we recommend that you consider building an infrastructure for support.  This can be built from foam core or heavy cardboard, using a substantial amount of Royal Icing as “glue”.  The base and infrastructure are the only inedible items permitted.   No battery or electric components may be used.  Use only Royal Icing.  We cannot accept structures made with egg or butter icings as they will turn rancid and cause the structure to disintegrate.  If baking gingerbread from scratch, bake several days ahead to prevent shrinkage.  Do not use any materials that require refrigeration.  We recommend that you use a generous amount of Royal Icing to assemble and decorate.  Allow each portion to dry and harden before moving.  Use your imagination!  Structures need not be traditional, although traditional houses can certainly be creatively designed. 
**This event was inspired by the excellent PPG Place Gingerbread House Display and Competition.  Many of our rules and forms are adaptations of their finely produced materials.  

Submit your entry form online, or download a form here.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
If your date changes, you DO NOT need to notify us.

Entry Identification Form

Download the form, tape or glue it to the bottom of the base of each entry before building your structure.

Royal Icing Recipe

(Other Royal Icing recipes may be used but you MUST use Royal Icing)

Makes 2 ½ cups

Mix together :

                1lb powdered sugar

                3 Tbsp meringue powder

                ½ tsp cream of tarter


3 ½ oz water (slightly less than ½ cup)

Beat until icing forms stiff peaks and will hold a sharp line when knife is drawn through.

Keep covered with a damp cloth to keep icing from drying out.  Work with a small amount of icing at a time.  Store unused icing in a tightly closed container.


*Meringue powder can be found in cake decorating sections or craft stores.