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Our 1st annual R12:2 Youth Conference is getting closer…

Here is everything you need to know!


Registration information can be obtained through this email:                                                        sarah.annie.ball@gmail.com

The cost for everyone, youth leaders and students, is $15.

Updates will be posted at our website at: www.dtownministries.com/r122    Conference speaker and band bio’s will be up shortly.

The conference will take place at:

Thiel College Chapel

94 College Ave

Greenville PA, 16125


We ask for the youth leaders' discretion in determining the minimum age for their group. Some youth groups that include students below the 7th grade may desire to bring younger students. If so, keep in mind that the conference is targeted to a mature teenage audience.

If you're coming from far out of town, there will be housing available provided you have chaperones. By “housing”, we mean sleeping in a youth lounge at a local supporting church, so we would recommend other arrangements if possible. Let us know.

All youth must come as part of a youth group with at least one responsible adult (18+) youth leader per every 10 students.

If you cannot make both days, it is perfectly acceptable to attend one day or the other, although attendance is highly recommended.

Below is a tentative schedule. Closer to the date, we'll send you everything you need: Directions, exact times, name tags, etc. 

Advertising materials (posters, literature, etc) are available upon request.

We are excited, and hope your group can make it!



Conference Schedule

September 19 (Friday Night)

5:30pm - Registration

6:00pm - Worship

6:45pm - Main Session:

Todd Jaussen: Romans 12:2 (Exposition)

8:00pm - StillWaiting concert

8:45pm- Third From First concert


September 20 (Saturday)

10:00am - Doors Open/Late Registration

10:50am - Worship

11:00am - Main Session:

Andrew Bell: Living Your Faith in the Classroom

12:00pm - Lunch - provided by Thiel College

1:20pm - Worship

1:30pm - Breakout Sessions:

Benjamin Beck: Living to the Glory of God

Q&A Living Your Faith in the Classroom (guys)

Q&A Living Your Faith in the Classroom (Girls)

Rick Cassell: Youth Leaders

2:45pm - Hangout

3:45pm - Breakout Sessions:

Christopher Bowser: The Deception of the Coexist Movement

Rick Cassell: Youth Leaders

Dean Gregory: Responding to Homosexuals with Grace and Compassion

4:45pm - Dismiss for Dinner at your choice of local restaurants

6:20pm - Worship

6:30pm - Main Session:

Blair Blakeslee: Loving God & Loving Others from a Scriptural Basis

7:30pm - Break

8:00pm - The Dave Buchanan Band concert

8:45pm - Everfound concert


*schedule subject to change