Downtown Ministries Endowment Fund

- Ensuring love and service for future generations.

Our story is an on-going tale of individuals following Christ's leading as we gather together and move within our community.  Like any epic adventure, every character's role - big or small - moves the plot forward.  

Begun in 1994, Downtown Ministries started as a relational ministry directed mainly toward teenagers.  Over the years, DTM has grown through the dedicated effort of many people to touch lives, young and old.

We now have a number of distinct ministries - subplots, you might say - and look forward to serving the Greenville area as Christ leads us into the future.


Our Story...


Chapter 1

Mustard Seed Jam House


Chapter 2 

Building Fresh Grounds


Chapter 3

Engaging the Community through Coffee

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Chapter 4

Expanding DTM through Additional
& Partnering Ministries


Chapter 5

Reaching Out Further - The Patio

The Next Chapter

Help us write the Next Chapter of the Downtown Ministries story by growing our endowment.  An endowment fund is intended to produce a source of income.  That means your contribution stays in the fund with a percentage of the increase being used to support the future work of Downtown Ministries.

With the Downtown Ministries Endowment Fund, your assistance will help make sure the Downtown Ministries story continues to be told for generations to come.

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