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Terms & Conditions

Artist wishing to exhibit within Sans MOCO Gallery may contact the director by calling (724)588-8171 or by emailing your questions or concerns to

Artist can also obtain a submission form by stopping into the gallery during the hours of operations.

Artist must accept and sign the Sans MOCO Consignment Contract (30% consignment fee) which will be provided to artists after acceptance of the exhibition request.

All proposed exhibitions are reviewed by the Sans MOCO Advisory Board and is subject to denial upon failure to meet the content guidelines or exhibition terms and expectations.

Artist must agree to the exhibition guidelines and procedure as listed below:

Artwork must be gallery ready (appropriate hanging wires and should meet a professional standard (unless otherwise effect by the purpose or intent of the artwork)).

Artwork will be displayed for a four to six week period, depending on the requested exhibition availability.

If artist is unable to fill the gallery space, the remaining space may be offered to another artist during the same exhibiting period.

The art work content and subject matter must be appropriate.  Patrons of all ages are encouraged to view the artwork, therefore it must be appropriate for all ages.  If you are unsure whether or not your artwork would be considered appropriate, our advisory committee will review the work.

Our mission at Sans MOCO: To build relationships through a common passion for the arts creating and opportunity to share the Gospel.

Our purpose at Sans MOCO: To share our God-given talents for the benefit of inspiring and enhancing our community. To provide exceptional and innovative exhibitions and courses, accessible to all those who are interested.  To teach art practices, history, theory and criticism.

Sans MOCO is a Christian ministry. Sans MOCO does not reject exhibitions based on the artists religious affiliation or no affiliation. It is the desire of Sans MOCO to exhibit excellent shows.